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ALPA withholds vital information from the American  
American Eagle pilots to lose hundreds of jobs

URGENT: From the Eaglewire - March 13, 2012

As part of American's restructuring plan to expand its regional network to become more competitive with other mainline carriers, AA recently issued a "request for proposal" (RFP) to several regional airlines. In its request, American asked each carrier to indicate its interest, ability and cost to provide incremental regional feed to American, specifically small regional jet flying (50 seats or less). While no decisions have been made, this is consistent with American's commitment to supporting its five key markets in light of the accelerated retirement of select mainline and regional aircraft. American is in ongoing discussions with its unions concerning regional flying issues.

It is long been suspected that ALPA has been negotiating away American Eagle pilot jobs. Now the American Eagle pilots have been advised of this fact. It is disappointing that neither ALPA, who is required by law to represent the American Eagle pilots, or management, did not see fit to advise the Eagle pilots when the RFP '(request for proposals") were sent to the other regional airlines. Why have the names of these regional airlines not been published?

Note well the statement above that ".American's commitment to supporting its five key markets in light of the accelerated retirement of select mainline and regional aircraft". The regional aircraft that will be retired are aircraft currently flown by American Eagle pilots. Every Eagle pilot understands that there is no excess regional capacity available for purchase, especially not in the "50 seat or less" market. The only way that capacity can be created is to transfer "50 seat or less" aircraft from American Eagle to other regional carriers who will be providing the feed.

This transfer of aircraft was facilitated by YOU, the American Eagle pilots. This was accomplished when YOU voted to change, on the malicious misrepresentation and advice of ALPA, the minimal scope protection in the Eagle Pilot Agreement. YOU overwhelmingly voted and agreed that American Eagle aircraft could be transferred to other carriers WITHOUT providing job protection for YOU, job protection that existed in the Pilot Agreement before YOU changed it.

Every American Eagle pilot needs to call ALPA National and demand that the ALPA Eagle MEC begin to represent the American Eagle pilots and NOT American Eagle management and forcefully demand that ALPA protect American Eagle pilot jobs and equipment and cease and desist from lying to the American Eagle pilots by saying that the equipment American Eagle Airlines will lose will be replaced by "bigger and better" equipment. These "replacement" aircraft are a lie and one of the oldest tricks in the book. It is past time that American Eagle pilots learned this and reject the fantasy world of ALPA. The equipment you have is all that you have. Once it's gone, it's gone. Any "replacement" aircraft are just rumor at best and/or lies.

Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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